Welcome to the home page of the Complexity & Quantitative Linguistics Lab at Universitat Polit├Ęcnica de Catalunya, Barcelona (Catalonia). We are a lab emerging from two research groups from the Deparment of Computer Science: LARCA and GPLN.

Our main mission is the study of human language, animal communication and other natural phenomena combining quantitative methods with complex systems theory. We are specially interested in integrating statistics, computer simulation, information theory and network theory in the study of language and its many transdisciplinary branches.

Our research interests comprise (among others):

  • Universal properties (in humans and also in other species or systems) at different scales (word level, sentence level, text level,…).
  • The principles explaining these universal properties (self-organization, optimization,…).
  • The origins and evolution of language.
  • Child language.
  • The information theory and the network science needed to support the research problems above.