Master in Innovation and Research in Informatics (MIRI)

Here I am writing some useful information about MIRI based on my interaction with students. I think this is specially useful for foreign students or students with time or budget constraints. Please send me an email if you find errors or have something to add. A bit thank you all the students how have helped to improve it!

The SIRI (Seminar of Innovation and Research in Informatics) is a mandatory activity of 6 credits. If you simply google for SIRI with some additional keywords you are likely to land here

Nothing apparently troublesome from here or in nearby pages.

However, the latest version of the detailed information is, as far as I know, here

That documentation explains the many ways you can get the SIRI credits and unveils some important points:

  • If you plan to do a research collaboration with some professor (“Local Research Group Collaboration), you will get up to 3 credits (not 6!).
  • The same for attending online courses, i.e. you will get up to 3 credits (not 6!). Additionally, a professor of the MIRI should be a tutor before registering.
  • Same limitations for other activities.
  • It is possible to get SIRI credits for be performing a review of the literature on a certain topic, but never once of you have enrolled the master thesis.

Check this document for clarifications on enrolling SIRI activities (warning: the documents above explains better what is required to get the credits):

An official list of seminars (with indication of credits that will be obtained)

You may need to check Racó for an updated list or alternative seminars.

Some details that are not explained in that documentation: double pay. If you have budget constraints, you must know that you often have to pay for an online course and that you will have to pay again to the school for getting the SIRI credits.