Joan Lluís Vives Prize 2003
For the article “On the uniqueness of human language” (original Catalan title “Sobre la singularitat del llenguatge humà”) Award to the best popular science article based on the same author’s PhD thesis in the field of mathematical, physical and life sciences, and engineering.
The winning article was published in the journal “El Temps” (number 1041, May 2004).
The article in different file sizes: small, 1.8Mb, medium, 4 Mb and large, 16 Mb.

Further information
Barcelona City Research Prize 2003For the article “Least effort and the origins of scaling in human language”.

Award to the best scientific article published in 2003 by Catalan researchers.

Further information
PhD price (period 2003-2004) from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) For the PhD thesis: “Language: universals, principles and origins”.
Award to the best PhD thesis from 2003-2004 from that university.
In Catalan: “Premi extraordinari de doctorat, curs 2003-2004”. Further information