Antoni Hernández Fernández

I am physicist, linguist and PhD in Cognitive Science (Linguistics). My current research interests include Education in a broad sense (gamification, project-based learning, technology education, technoethics, etc.) and of course Quantitative Linguistics, i.e. the study of general patterns in language and in communication systems.

“Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto”

Selected Books:

Creativitat digital (2023)

New book about ‘Digital creativity’, in Catalan, with theoretical reflections on creativity in the era of generative AI, and practical experiences carried out at the UPC.
Antoni Hernández-Fernández (Ed.)
Downolad for free here: Creativitat digital (

Quantitative Approaches to Universality and Individuality in Language (2023)

See our new chapter “Linguistic laws in Catalan
From the book Quantitative Approaches to Universality and Individuality in Language
Antoni Hernández-Fernández , Juan María Garrido , Bartolo Luque and Iván González Torre

Intel·ligència artificial i tecnoètica

June 2022

Coming soon! I have had the pleasure of editing in Catalan this work of debate on the ethics of the use of artificial intelligence, by Carissa Véliz and Cecilio Angulo. #UPC_ARTS

Information Theory and Language

September 2020

Information Theory and Language

Lingüística Cuantitativa

August 2019

First book in Spanish of scientific dissemination on “Quantitative Linguistics”

Filosofia de la tecnologia

September 2019

First edition in Catalan of a selection of Mario Bunge publications on philosophy of technology and technoethics.

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”I do not understand human nature without exploring all its forms of communication: Language, Design, Arts, Music, … Science!”

And without a good Education nothing we investigate will be bequeathed to the next generations and…

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