This bibliography is focused on the applications of complex network theory (e.g., Newman 2003) and graph theory (e.g., Bollobás 2001) to linguistic, cognitive and brain networks. Due to our limited resources we must restrict the kind of articles that are listed here. First, this bibliography canot cover network studies whose link with complex network theory or graph theory is vague or simply absent. Examples of the kind of works that tentativelly fall outside this repository are tradional neural network studies and tradicional dependency grammar studies. Second, this repository does not aim to cover linguistic, cognitive or brain studies without an actual linguistic, cognitive or brain network at the core of the problem (e.g., language models where the only networks is the network of social interactions between the individuals of a population). In order to warrant a minimum of quality, only published (or in press) work is listed here. For instance, articles posted in (and not yet published) are excluded. Conference proceedings are allowed.


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