In this page you will find a series of releases of the Linear Arrangement Library ready to be installed in your preferred platform, and also links to the documentation of the C++ code. We provide the compiled library for every stable release, and we also compile the library in its latest state. The latter, however, may not be a stable release and bugs may arise.

Every stable release of LAL has a version number with a very simple format: we concatenate the last two digits of the year it was built on and the month’s number (also in two-digit form) with a dot ‘.’ inbetween, like this: year.month.

All releases of LAL are available to the public. If you cannot find the release for the platform you work on contact us and we will see what we can do! Also, if you do not like downloading random binaries off the internet, feel free to head over to the Github page of this project, download the source code and compile it yourself: we have instructions for all major OS!.

LAL (latest — May 19, 2022)

Note: a new stable version will soon be release. Stand by!

Warning: the “latest” distribution is under development and may contain bugs.

The whole distribution of this version can be found here.

LAL 21.07.01

The whole distribution of this version can be found here.

Note: Windows binaries for this version are no longer distributed. Please, use newer versions instead.