I want to be clear about the philosophy of this course. The students and the professor form a team for learning and thinking (in both directions) and thus attendance is a fundamental component.

I am doing this course because I love both the topic and teaching on it. In exchange, the administrative support I receive from UPC is minimal. The school is giving me no support other than a room (no Racó, no fancy slots for the lectures,…). Neither the school nor my department consider this course part of my teaching load.

Thus this course is special for me. For some of you, it may be just a means to get credits. Therefore I have to warn you. This is not a standard master degree course at UPC where students can skip lectures/lab freely. Attendance is mandatory by default. Missing a lab/lecture must be properly justified. I want to be clear about scoring in general and especially in this course: it just measures some little fraction of the whole intellectual process (btw: there is no final exam in this course).

Especially for those who, at present, can only think in terms of matter (money,  scores or followers) rather than interest or intellectual excitement, please check the evaluation so that everything is clear in advance.

This is a two-way relationship. I totally understand that somebody has very reasonable reasons for minimizing attendance but then this is not the course for him/her. For those who decide to stay, believe me, we will have a great time!